artist in residence

With artistic creativity, Janel strives to inspire students, engage them in learning and integrate curriculum in a meaningful way. As a teacher, she has a great understanding of the curriculum and the importance of students’ voice.

“With the collaboration of teachers and students, together we can create unique moments in students’ lives, focusing on the process and the adventures that await those involved.”

Under the discipline of visual arts, Janel shares and offers instruction in the following mediums:

  • watercolour and acrylic painting

  • pen and ink drawing

  • collaborative and school wide projects

  • found material sculpting, papier mache

  • printmaking

  • mixed media

  • art provocation, process art

  • fabric art, wall hangings

Process art allows students opportunity to be themselves, make their own decisions, take risks and just create! The process of the artistic endeavour is equally important to the product.