Janel Nail

Janel Nail, B.Ed. is an Artist in Residence in Calgary Alberta. She teaches workshops throughout Calgary for kids, adults of all ages and most recently completed the designing, painting and installation of a 55 piece large mural with the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association.

Janel was born and raised in rural Alberta. She has enjoyed drawing, painting and making and creating from a very young age. As a young teen she sold her nature-inspired pencil drawings at local markets and shops. Her childhood experiences inspired her to pursue an artistic career as well as a career in education. Janel graduated from U of A with a Bachelor of Education specializing in art and special education. In addition Janel has completed art education courses at Alberta Collage of Art and Design (ACAD): Materials Workshop: Collage, Photo Transfer + Mixed Media and Watercolour Painting. Throughout her 16 years as a classroom teacher in Canada and South Korea, Janel has had the opportunity to involve and engage students in their learning. At her most recent teaching position in a Reggio-Inspired inquiry school, discovery, exploration, reflection, and making connections to the world around students was emphasized through the arts.

As a lifelong artist, Janel has explored a variety of art-making techniques from painting to fashion design to cookie decorating! In 2009, what began as a successful venture in hair fascinator design, blossomed into an interest in mixed media art that has allowed Janel to unify her many areas of expertise. Janel sees potential in everyday items and often uses re-used and recycled material in her mixed media creations. From tree bark to her favourite pair of jeans or vintage books, she is always thinking, “how can I repurpose this?”

Along with art residencies in schools, she currently teaches Make & Create Workshops for adults and children and provides people of all ages the opportunity to explore, discover, make and create. Janel is able to bring her formal training and experience as an educator to her art classes, supporting and encouraging participants to move forward in their art-making journeys.

Janel resides in Calgary, Alberta where she juggles her time as a mother of two and an entrepreneur, spending her free time working on her next big creative project and developing her first art series. Janel views learning as a lifelong goal and is currently working on her visual arts certificate through ACAD.

CV available upon request.